Ok, be brutal with your logo opinions



Dont post that garbage on here DJ. I m throwing my phone in the trash after i post this comment where that logo belongs!!
Just kidding you said be brutal.

They all look great. I like the last one the most. Who did you end up using on fivvr. Im surprised it doesn’t have a gun or a house.


Arifahmed330. First one sucked. They’re getting better!


I like the 4th and 5th ones. The last one looks like a giant water hand reaching over the lettering. Could just be me though. The 4th one is clean. I’d rather it say pressure washing so they know what you do.

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Meh. (That’s about as brutal as I’m gonna get, lol)

The last one has my vote so far. Closely followed by the penultimate logo.

Yeah, I see it now. I bet it could be tweaked a little to look just a bit more like a hand, and have a cool effect. Maybe.


Thats the same guy that did my door hangers and coupon. He did great for me Isabelgib did my logo but it took forever and she didn’t speak good English.

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I like the 4th one. Don’t really care for any of the others.

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JK. I do like the 5th and it’s balanced better than the 4th for centering on shirts and marketing material. If you’re going with just chest logos on shirts and are going to put the logo on everything else off center, I’d go 4. If you’re going to center stuff I’d go 5.


5, but lose the heavy blue stroke on pressure washing. It’ll be easier on the eyes and easy to read.

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Im having some other guy do my paper ad. Im not happy with him at all and when i dont reply within 15mins he keeps messaging me “hello sir are you there?” “Hi please check and give feedback”


I agree with Harold


How do guys feel about Extreme Clean being all caps and Pressure Washing being all lowercase? Thanks!




The only thing i dont care for is how dark the top of extreme clean is. It does transition well to the water.

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Keep going on the 4th and 5th. Throw the first 3 away. I am more partial to the last one because it seems more centered and balanced

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#4 on the side of a truck or trailer, because it flows . #5 on a biz card,because it’s centered, like @DisplacedTexan said. My 2 cents

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Number 4, but I reckon bubbles look a bit cartoony compared to font. Looking good though Mr Sasquatch

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How’s everyone feel about this? Thanks Harold for the suggestion!


Winner,winner, chicken dinner :+1::facepunch:

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