Oil stains in concrete

I am new to this forum and have never posted before but would like to get more involved. I have been in business for about 3 years now doing mostly commercial work with some residential.

I clean mostly gas stations and restaurants all are on a monthly cleaning plan. This is probably a popular topic but I am in search of something to clean oil stains better than I do now (where cars park around gas pumps, drive thrus, parking spots in lots, anywhere a car leaks oil onto the concrete, ect…). I have a 5gpm, 3500psi hot water Alkota washer on my rig and I am using a heavy degreaser I purchase from a supplier here in my town. I am able to get the concrete clean and the customers are happy with my work but I personally want to get the oil stained areas better and make them not as noticeable even though I know you can never get oil completely out of the concrete. Im currently down streaming straight degreaser to the oily spots, letting dwell around 15 minutes, then surfacing the entire pad, then after surfacing I rinse/ touch up the oil spots with the wand real close.

Not sure if there is a real good chemical out there for this or possibly using some kind of acid may work. But all advise and knowledge will be greatly appreciate!

Thanks in advance!

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Do you use oxalic at all?

[MENTION=12383]GTRider245[/MENTION] I’m honestly not even sure what is in my chemical I have been using. I told my supplier what I was doing and he gave me this and said it’s what I need to use. I’m not really familiar with chemicals much and especially not what the make up of them are.

That’s kind of how I feel…

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No offense but you might want to sit down and actually learn a little bit about your chemicals.

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