OFFICIAL Water Fed Thread

House washing and window cleaning go hand in hand.
Being that I do both and sell the WC equipment, this is the thread to ask any questions you have about adding it to your PWing.

Winter is creeping in and there will be more time for you guys to think about this as an add-on.
For the states without a winter, it’s a great time to invest.

Here are some basics for those considering:

You can presently get into a DI package with 24’ pole for $875.

I will breakdown your ROI based on TDS, Frequency of use. There will ALWAYS be an ROI.

Pricing: My minimum for exterior window cleaning after a housewash = $199, customer removes any screens and replaces. Window cleaning is usually super easy after soft washing.

Hit me back if you’re interested.
862 312 2633
Chat: Wed-Fri 8-5pm ET @


Dang Jordie, I suppose all this prosperity has you cutting your work back to banker’s hours. THAT’S GREAT.

I really enjoy working with Jordie. He uses the WFP and filtration system in his own business, and does a great job of fitting the PWer into the window cleaning setup best suited for him or her.

Hey Brother, I’ll be calling you soon to update my inventory, Give Kat my love, and if the two of you decide to go south for the winter plan on a stopover near the Virginia coastline and Virginia Beach.


Thanks George! :smile: