Offically an idiot simease kit no way to release pressure

Some kind help where I don’t die would be nice. Gonna throw away this kit cause I’m to stupid to use it…

Send the kit to me. :grinning:

Loosen a pressure fitting slowly til it starts to bleed off


A threaded fitting

I’m just happy to make it through this whole ordeal gonna cuddle my kid extra good tonight

Better to be thought one than post a pic and prove it. Stick a nail in the injector barb.

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I got it by loosening the injector couplings. I’m not gonna use it and spray paint the quick connects red. I’ll leave it laying around, but I believe I am better off giving it to someone who is not as idiot prone. Sticking to the machines as seperate. Honestly it would have cost the same in the end anyways…

I’d rather be proven an idiot then end up dead or in the hospital. I deserve any insult for this mistake.

Lol… I wasn’t paying attention one time and I made an extension cord both with female ends on it… but if you need somebody to babysit that Siamese kit for you so that you don’t hurt yourself I’ll pm you my address…:grin:

I have no idea what that is, but the loop seems weird.

Oh damn,
Put different colored tape on the ends of the lines and your machines so you don’t do this again. This is some ■■■■ one of my employees would text me a picture of at their first job of the day haha. Glad you got it released safely!

I am spray painting it red and I will put some caution tape around the ends. This should keep a stupid mistake from happening if it ever happens again.

Dont be so hard on yourself lol. When you hook it uo the right way will you post some pics?

I had it hooked up the right way and it was awesome. My one engine has gas in the oil… So thats going back to the shop. The thing shot up so freaking high with the soft wash tips. It’s pretty cool, but again I suggest anyone just buy an 8gpm if they need that flow. It ended up costing me about the same anyways…


Oh so you hook up both hoses on the T into both pressure washers then the bottom of the T is where your washing hose goes? For some reason i thought you had to by a new unloader. Pretty cool.

Pressure got trapped in the line but I was able to leak it out… I have two of the same pumps and unloaders I bought from Russ at southside equipment. He seems like a cool guy and I will buy some more from him in the future.

His words good, these pull from a tank as long as you keep them primed.

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Yeah, you hook both pressure washers up and then the one part of the t goes to your gun. It’s simple I can show it once I get the other engine fixed or replaced.

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I had considered this before just because i liked the fact i could wash with 8 gpm whike alone or could have someone surface cleaning while i wash the house when i have 2 people.

But i agree just buy a 8gpm. Im getting one soon.

If you want to cut corners you might be able to get a harbor freight engine and a udor pump. If you get a warrenty you could swap it out for super cheap. I may go that route sometime in the future.

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Ya i know ive thought about that. I just dont have tike for much anymore. Buying one ready to go is my best option but ya if you have time that woukd be a sweet setup. Couple of guys here are doing the same with no problem and doent sound that hard to build.

Oh for sure. It depends on much you are able to save if it’s worth it or not. I am starting to get irritated at how long this setup is taking to get fully completed. It seems like a waste of time, but this is the route I choose.

I think 4gpm machines are good for employees until I can switch to a 5.5 and all that fun stuff for them. Something about having two $3500+ machines and employees scares me.