Off season storage

What do you guys do with all of your hoses in the off season? Looking for storage tips. I have a ridiculous amout of equipment in my small garage and need to figure something out. Pics would be awesome!

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Hey Tim-- I’ll look later on my PC to see what I have for pics. As for all the hoses we at least have them blown out thru the winter.

My garage is heated so I don’t need to winterize. But its a small garage so I need some ideas for organization. I’m not a complete tool, lol. I can clean my garage. Just looking for some neat ideas. Maybe pulleys to get stuff off the floor and up out of the way.

After blowing out and drying the hoses, coil them into a 5 gallon buckets and hang from the handle from a hook screwed into a garage rafter. Most open garages should give you enough head clearance and you can label the outside of the buckets as to which type and length of hose you are storing in each bucket.

You can always utilize the roof of the garage… Get things up off the floor… use shelving. Most importantly if its dusty and you haven’t used it in a year you don’t need it so toss it out. Get rid of Chem with a fast shelf life or half open things of chem. Head to home depot and look for some husky suspension straps. You can hang hoses and other things on the ceiling. Get creative… But really LOOK for a small shop or Storage unit and make that move. Best thing I have ever done…

Alex, I’m hoping that the addition of roof cleaning to my arsenal will give me the added income to afford a shop this year. Kinda looking forward to It

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We put eye hooks on a 2x4 and mounted on a rope pully system from the ceiling so we could pull them overhead without using up any floor or shelf space.

[MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION] Not all storage companies will allow you to store chemicals, especially Hazmat ones. Be sure to check your rental agreement first. Also if there is less than 1/2 of a container of chemical you do not have to get rid of it. Just move to a correct type of smaller container and be sure to move, copy or reproduce the entire label to move with the chemical. Air (open space in the container) and temperature are the two greatest factors in chemical degradation. And be sure to follow all of the proper disposal measures for each chemical you want to discard.

I have everything stored in a shop. Temperature in there never goes below freezing so I just park all the stuff in there.