Odd stains

Here is an odd one. We washed the house no problems took our. Took our close out photos and everything was fine.

The home owners said the next day these stains showed up, its only on 3 windows, but unfortunately on the front. I’m not facing an issue weere I’m greatly concerned about our process. But I’m trying to figure this out to clean it for them. I can only figure that water from us hung around the windows and then came out later, aor the storm that night got in behind the siding and something that stained the vinyl.

We have use elbows grease, soap, stronger house wash, even a much stronger cleaner, and hot water and high pressure, to no avail.

Any suggestions on something else to try?

Homeowner said they didn’t do anything after we left. While I could deny accountablity, I want to fix it for pride and reputation even if it cost my to replace the vinyl.

I would try oxalic or F9.


Or OneRestore. You want an acid to clean that up.

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Muaratic acid…pump up 10 seconds and rinse. You’ll be there for 10 minutes. Go to local hardware store. $10 a gallon. Don’t dilute, put straight on. Don’t breath it in

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I hate when the forums are used as a basic lteach” me from scratch how to do the job in your territory. I’ve been in WC and PW for quite some time but love being able to get collective feedback on various situations.

Thanks much.

Muriatic is overkill for this. I hate when people throw out using extremely dangerous acids on these forums when you have a lot of new people and w/o rec PPE. I’ve cleaned a lot of different things over the years and the ONLY thing I’ve ever used Muriatic for was new construction concrete parking lots covered with mud and that’s 50-50 DS.


He’s already stated he’s tried several different methods with no success.

If he wants to get rid of the stains and quit going back there then muratic will do the job.

Other products mentioned are just fancy diluted vendor versions of different kinds of acids sold at 300-400%.

I use muratic several times a week for rust removal on siding never have had an issue and I’m just a dumb army infantry guy.

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This actually works on siding

Talking about PPE, went from respirator to full face nask
I sI ated using this … it is awesome

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009POIVWG?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

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Yes, but that is a degreaser. Opposite of what is needed in this case. Otherwise scrubbing with the bleach or f9 would’ve probably worked

I bought some of that junk at Dollar Tree when I was buying up all the moisture eliminators. Tried it out on stains on clothing. Tried it on some grime under the microwave. Rust and grease on the driveway. Tried it on my own gutters.

It wouldn’t clean loose dirt off glass if it was twice as strong. I couldn’t find anything it would clean any better than water.

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Dont know what to say…
But works on gutters really good and siding too.
Not on rust.
Muriatic works but i am careful where i use it.

If you want a “gentle” acid check out ebc restore. I think its a new product. Or its new to me anyways. I’m not sire if its really technically an acid but it works the same and is mucc less hazardous.

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Looks very similar to something I recently encountered. I even posted some pictures on a prior thread. Not sure what causes it. I had great luck with F9 (BARC). One house just the spray worked, another house required mild brushing. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the great feedback.

To the vets. How do you clean the clay off the asphalt?

Asphalt is a tough one, but I bought some of this for a stucco house. Never got a chance to use it, but it came recommended by a janitorial supply locally that apparently sells tons of it to repeat customers.

Again, no real world experience, but it’s probably worth a try. Asphalt is like the aluminum siding of flat work. It’s never going to turn out how anyone wants it and it might screw up your surface cleaner.



I’ve cleaned asphalt before, asphalt is made from petroleum crude oil. On new construction clean up, I down streamed degreaser, and rinsed with a wand. Very slow but it worked. I’ve used my surface cleaner before on old asphalt and had very little cream wash off.


But those would have come off easily. According to him he’s done everything but dynamite to get off.


When in doubt… this is the default method.