Nutty customer stories here!

I got a call from a lady with a big house in an exclusive lake community. She was a referral from a good customer of mine. When I got there she just wanted the front porch, back screen room, and maybe the covered walkway from the garage to the house done.

The house was green. I mean nasty green and completely covered with spider webs. I asked her didn’t she want the whole house washed. “Oh, it’s not that bad is it?”

I was honest and told her, yes, it was bad and that all the mold and mildew was going to ruin her paint. She just kept saying did I really think it needed it and that it wasn’t that bad.

To cut the story short we ended up washing the whole thing plus detached garage and the boat house. I was looking for one of my helpers and found him cleaning the undersides of the railings with a rag. When I asked him what he was doing he said the lady insisted because it was “dirty under there”. She came out and went on and on about it not being clean under the rails and I’m thinking, “This is the same lady who told me that the massive mold, mildew, and spider webs wasn’t that bad.” And she is flipping out over rails that you had to get on your hands and knees to see underneath.


Now you share a nutty customer story!

Had a customer call me back two weeks and said we missed a spot. So I gladly headed to his house to see the area and clean it for him. When I got there I did not see anything, then he proceeds to tell me that the man doing other work at his house noticed it and he would be back in a few hours.

Once the “contractor” and I use that word loosely, was back at the house the homeowner called me and gave the phone to his “contractor”. I could not understand a word he was saying, thick CAJUN accent, so I sucked up my pride and drove back to the house.

I forgot to mention the homeowner is elderly with one leg, so he can’t get around well.

Once I arrived and met with the homeowners “contractor”, things started to become clear. He showed me a small lip on an overhang that was probably 1inch wide by 5 ft. long and told me to look on top of it because we had left dirt on it. This is a 3000 sq.ft. house and the only dirty area he could find was a teeny tiny lip with light dirt residue that was not rinsed off great. He decided to tell me, and I quote, “I know these things because I clean houses for a living and I don’t miss things like this BOY!” Needless to say my conversation with him ended immediately. I proceeded to my truck grabbed a rag and wiped the area “clean”. Total of about thirty seconds, but two and a half hours of my day wasted with phone calls and driving for something the homeowner was not worried about.

I have no problem if we miss a spot, to go back and clean it. But when a “contractor” gets mad because he didn’t get a job, now that just becomes a pain.

We have had some real winners over the years,but the most recent was an elderly Chinese man. I was washing a restaurant drive thru when we quickly turned into the lot. He jumped from his car like Santa from his sleigh and walked over to where I was.
"excuse prease …you come under house and spray dem termite? I thought he was joking at first then he asked again and asked how much da cost.

Lol… That’s funny…

I have a few duesy’s over the years but one stick out because of the money. Years ago this lady wanted her house stripped and she didn’t know what color to pick for the re-stain… So we strip her house and the black mildew cedar shakes come out like new with the stripper and the brightener. The brightener in wood restoration to me is always the most magical thing in all of Powerwashing.

So she finally picks a color… Snot green. Not the name of the stain but that’s what it looked like(not that I would know that…lol) I keep asking her Are you sure and she says yes. I cringed but I stay out of what people like in colors. So we do the whole house by brush and it comes out mint… I hate the color but the house looked good. The lady see’s us all along doing her house but she never says anything…

So now where done and it’s time for payment. Back then I collected full payment upon completion so she owed me $2000 labor to stain plus materials. She already paid up for the prep work… She comes out of the house and takes a good look. Total silence… Then she wails and cries… I hate it. I really hate it. The color looks awful!! She runs back in the house. Just me and one other guy stained this house… I have too calm her down and tell her the house looks very neat. She keeps repeating she hate it and I guilt her in telling her that I never asked her for a cent and she could have always told us to stop… So she goes in the house and is still sobbing. She forks over the $2500 which now includes materials… And I Just give her back $500. I felt rotten for her but she was excited that I offered back $500… After that she dries her eyes and says that the color will probably grow on her and how neat of a job we did…

So once again I got money extorted from me from a crying a lady. Something my sisters, my daughters and female drivers alway got away with me on that because I just hate when a Lady cries… That is my weekness if I ever had one that was very obvious… That one would be it.