Nozzle position on 4 nozzle bar SC

A while ago I bought the Hydrotek ANT4C surface cleaner that has one bar with two nozzles on each side. The bar got damaged from one of the nozzles breaking off from hitting something. I ordered a new bar and put new nozzles on it. The tech at PowerwashStore advised that I should put both nozzles in line with the bar. It works fine this way except I noticed that it doesn’t wash all the way to the edge like it used to. Am I supposed to turn the outside nozzles so they are perpendicular so they spray all the way to the edge and leave the inside nozzle in line or are both nozzles supposed to be perpendicular to the bar?

I have a 4 nozzle WW and the nozzles are inline with the bar. Check for a clog. Also what fan degree are they…15, 25 etc.

I was comparing it to the other bar that has one left on the outside and it was perpendicular. But who knows if it was installed properly at the factory. I did check it It’s not clogged. I believe I’m using 15’s I should check again.

Pretty sure I’m using 25025’s on mine, 8gpm with 2500psi at the SC.