Not sure on this one

She wants the ‘discoloration’ taken off, but I’m not sure a standard HW mix will do the trick, especially on older painted wood siding. Not too keen on walking the roof pitch either, bad enough when dry for WC but running a hose and spraying would slicken it up quite a bit.


Sell her on a paint prep and refer a painter.


Seems like pretty good advice. Would you have to neutralize the SH so it doesn’t mess with the paint?

On painted wood probably not. Just rinse really well and schedule the paint work for a week or two out

I’m with @DisplacedTexan on this, that looks more like a house in need of paint vs cleaning.

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I was curious is all. Haven’t seen a pic like that or came across a thread along these lines. Thanks for the replies

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If anything, do a demo, and see if she likes results. Then sell paint prep if not satisfactory.

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Oh man, I’m not advanced enough to offer anything more than standard housewash and rinse. If that doesn’t work, the painters can do their thing.

They shud do their own prep work anyhow.

Have done some painted wood siding, most times normal house wash did ok with 2 apps. Like said above, lots of rinsing in between each app.

I would give it a try. You just never know. No need to walk that roof. If anything just shoot it from the gutter line off a ladder. I wouldn’t be surprised if a normal house wash took care of that. Just set expectations up front.

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:point_up:t2: I’m with him :slight_smile:

It’s just black mold. Problem is, if you hit the wood - you hit the roof.

So it’s both or none.

Normal house wash mix wont do anything to the roof, so I wouldn’t be worried about that. Unless your trying to upsell, then go for it.


I always turn down work that is paint prep work. Mainly because a painter will want it done his way. If you don’t do it right he will tell the customer “I have to redo his work to do mine” and they feel ripped off.


It always does in my experience. I guess if you pre-wet the roof, it might help. Pretty sure you’ll get runs/streaks anyway.

I’d be careful, that dude is still up there waiting for the roof mix to work.


Shingled roofs? How hot is your mix lol
Nice to see you back around btw

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And get your passenger headlight fixed @dcbrock.

:joy: good eye

Nah, daytime running lights. They both work just fine.

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We don’t have shingle here, that’s probably why I might be wrong about it :slight_smile:

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