Not another green guy

Yep, Another new guy!

Hey guys, I’ve spent some time reading posts before deciding to register an account. Seems like y’all are full of knowledge and willing to help out.

Well, I think I want to enter the pressure washing business. I’ve been looking at equipment and came across a “package” that many of y’all might have seen at Pressure-Pro EB4040HC-HTQBS 4000PSI Deluxe Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business Kit w/ Belt-Drive, Aluminum Frame, CAT Pump & Honda GX390 Engine

Is this a good deal? Will everything here be helpful?

I know I should look at a higher CU system but this is about the level I can afford right now. I plan on starting residential and maybe slowly getting into commercial when I decide if this is the path for me.

Also, how do y’all handle reclaim? I recently came across a post that said it is illegal in all 50 states not to reclaim while cleaning on any surface a car drives or parks on.

What equipment would y’all recommend for a beginner?

NOT true.

Very well. I will do some more research on that. If you have a chance, please let me know what you think about that package deal I posted. Much appreciated!

SureShot…I am going to be bluntly honest…if it ain’t 8gpm…I have no use for it. Your mileage may vary…but 4gpm just will not cut it for me…even starting out.

Bluntly honest is good. Thank you sir

I’ve used a 4 gpm, 5.5 gpm, and now a 7 gpm.

With the 4 gpm I was able to do 2 houses a day if it was just house washes, but they were long days. $600 day or about $60/hour.

With the 5.5 gpm I was able to do 2 houses in about 6 hours with travel time. $100/hour.

With the 7 gpm I can do 3 houses in 6-8 hours with travel time. $150/hour.

Like Jimmy said, it’s worth it to go bigger from the start and I regret not doing it.


Thank you squid,
I’ve seen you in other posts and are very informative. I am in my very early stages and not even close to go out and looking for work yet because I don’t have the equipment. I don’t want to invest a bunch of money and not get any work. Maybe I will tough it out with a 4gpm and if business is good in a year I will upgrade.

Also, what will do a better job faster. A 5.6gpm at 2800psi or a 4gpm at 4000psi? I ask because you didn’t mention psi in your previous post.


Thanks for the kind words. PSI means almost nothing from 2500 to 4000 in my opinion. 2500 to 4000 and everything in between clean the same and they all clean better with the right chemicals.

If I had to choose I’d buy the 5.6 gpm over the 4 gpm anyday.


Caveat: you could buy a 17 gpm, diesel engine skid and have a fancy truck but if you didn’t focus on marketing and how you’re going to find jobs first you wasted your time and money.


House washing we use 4 gpm machines and do three houses solo, or 5 with two guys per day. Now obviously a 7 gpm machine would be a little faster, I guess it depends on what your budget is and what market you want to get into. You can wash houses all day with.a 4gpm, LARGE concrete jobs not so much

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Looks like a good deal though

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I just started last fall and I have a 5.6 gpm machine. By the end of the summer I plan to have a 8+gpm machine, but until then the 5.6 is doing a fine job for what I’m doing.

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You got to do what u can afford… I started out 4000psi 4 gpm did it for about 2 years last year went to 6000 psi Hot Water 8gpm. Love it do tell the difference but the 4gpm did the job fine.
Do what your money will let you… then move on up are my thoughts and you got everything u need with a cleaner, long wand hose…you will be ok

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Side note. I bought my Skid unit karcher hds3205be heated unit for 3200$. It had just shy of 200 hours on it. It came with 300’ hose, reel, all the accessories. Just look around there are deals out there. I found mine one Facebook marketplace

All the feedback is much appreciated. I’ve got a long ways to go but looking forward to being in the road!