Not an ignorant question, just a geographical one

Where I live and work all of the water we use here is municipal treated and we also use a TON of SH.

That being said, for you guys that are using well water are you able to use SH? Does the well water need to be treated or can it come direct from the well into your tank?

I’m thinking of doing some work outside of the municipal water system and I’m curious what to expect.


Honesty, water is water. I’ve used well water, city water, pumped out of a swimming pool and used untreated non potable water before.


So there is no negative interaction between SH and well water? Cool! For some reason I remember screwing up my parents pool when I was kid by either adding well water to municipal water or adding chlorine to the well water pool. I can’t remember but it turned the diamond brite brown and my behind red.

The iron in well water will only affect surfaces over time with continuous use.

SH has no affect on the stability of well water from my experience.

I have used some nasty ass water to wash houses and the result was always the same.

Don’t over analyze things…

Wash and get paid.