Not a pretty setup

Not a pretty setup but boy did it make me some money this summer!


Pretty enough to be professional. I keep waiting for that ladder to tip the whole truck forward though :slight_smile:

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Lol the truck is small enough already but the ladder makes it look even smaller

I just want to know how many times you’ve dropped it onto your hood, lol

the ladder rack extends over the roof of the truck so when i that the straps off the ladder doesn’t move at all

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Looks better than some setups I’ve seen.


What is that, a 32’?

Correct sir, a 32’ and then I have and a multi position ladder on the other side

Nothing wrong with that setup at all. Well, maybe a weight issue but you’d have to hit the scales to know that. Otherwise, looks good.

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Surprisingly the payload capacity for the truck is 1,484 lbs. Definitely slows the truck down when driving (no water in the tank just equipment) but other then that I does pretty well with the weigh

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Show up on time and do good work, who cares about a little clutter in the rig!

I use similar ladder stabilizers and hate those little square plastic caps. Check this out, I fashion these caps from tennis balls and find them to be way better. Customers notice and love it, too.


Ladders like that are perfect for backing up close to your house. I’ve hit my house with ladders before. Haha

It is only off the back by one rung, so it doesn’t pass my bumper by much

More like the ol’ “hanging tennis ball in the garage” trick in this case, lol