North American International Auto Show- Any Requests?

The Detroit auto show is the largest in north america. all the major manufacturers will have displays there. there’s a little-known section of the show that doesn’t get much traffic. it’s the fleet and work vehicle area. this is where the manufacturers will show off their new cargo vans, service trucks etc.

i’ll be attending tonight. if you guys have any particular vehicles you would like to see more of, or get more first-hand info on, post your request here. i’ll take lots of photos, and if there’s enough interest i may even shoot a couple of videos.

How was it?

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How did the Ford F-series aluminum body truck look?

that thing was ballin’. i want one. could be a game-changer.

the new chevy truck is really nice looking too. GMC is making the Canyon pickup with a Duratec diesel.

the show itself was kind of lame. there wasn’t a section for work vehicles like there used to be. the replacement for ford’s cargo vans (called the Transit 150) is very nice.