Noodle it up

I’m hoping this will slow some wear, rubbing the wall and floor


I like it.

I sleeve everything inside of vacuum hose. I think the pool noodle will get get dry and brittle. Maybe not.

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I’ve been meaning to wrap my jumper hoses with heater hose for the same reason. But this looks like an inventive solution, as well. Not sure I would like the look of it on an open trailer or truck bed, though…

I’m a part timer, should last a minute.

We’ve been using 1/2 " pipe insulation for years. Holds up well.sorry for ruining your red neck invention @Infinity,but ya got to get up a little earlier to out red neck the Arkie folk. :joy:


Ok, yur Rednecker than me then. Glad it works

Nah. I hope your more Appalachian American than I. That way I sleep better at night, knowing there is more of us out there . Lol @316

The inside of that hose will crust up before the outside wears through. Anything after a chemical injector will corrode.