Non Pressure Roof Cleaning in East Berlin, PA

Roof Cleaning by A&E completed this non pressure roof cleaning today in East Berlin, PA. Using a soft washing method, we were able to remove the black streaks and make this roof look like new again.

This non pressure method is the only recommend technique to clean asphalt shingles as per the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association/ ARMA.

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That is too cool. I couldn’t watch all of it because I wanted to pause it and tell you that I am impressed!!

Very cool. Great job.

Thanks, guys.

They must have been tired after that.

Eric, how high up did you have to climb in the center?

i love when the little guy moves the ladder and goes up and down it

20 25 feet.


Nice! I want to do something like this

Nice!!! Did u rinse or no?

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No rinsing from me, Mother Nature does it.

Hey Eric what kind of pump and nozzle did you use in the video, was it a Fatboy? I just did my first roof on Thursday with a 5850 and it doesn’t shoot like that. I would love to shoot all of the houses from the gutter line. Hard to tell with the speed of the video but your mix appears to be thicker. I used a mix that was 4% SH with 1 oz of Cling-On and .5oz of Fresh wash per total gallon mixed.

We use a air pump 30/70 mix with roof snot.

Air pump? so your not using a 12 volt pump … R u shooting with a 0 degree tip? Looks like you can shoot pretty far with that setup. I going to the convention next week. I’m sure I will learn more about roof cleaning there.

Which one are you going to?

It’s a all-flo air pump 3/8. I think it’s like 9 gl a min.

Nashville, the one the PWRA is putting on. Are you going?

Yes I am going.

Cool, look forward to meeting you and all the other pros on this board.