Non pressure house washing

So im still fairly new to house washing, ive been downstreaming for awhile now. I finally have enough cash flow to upgrade my gear. Is there a way to soft wash houses without getting the pressure washer out of the truck? i know when downstreaming your supposed to used less than about 100ft of hose. But whats anotherway with just alot of hose?

200’ of hose is fine. I don’t take my pw off the trailer. What size machine are you running?

Well thats what im saying i wanted to make sure its fine…im looking to get a new machine but have picked one out. I want to goet a good one and not have to worry about it for awhile…?? what do you use? or suggest?

Josh get a belt drive, minimum 4 gpm. [3500 - 4000](tel:3500 - 4000) psi. I started with a 4 gpm 4000 psi machine and it has been a great machine. Honda engine cat pump. Power one of this sites sponsors has good machines or pressure Tek. Give me a call if you want.

ok i will call you sometime and we can talk aboutthe good ones and bad ones

i was also thinking since im using a 3 gpm now, i rented a 4 gpm and WOW…what a difference. I was thinking why not just leap to the 8gpm and be done! What do you think? is that over kill? Is there specific things you can/cant to going that big?

I’m thinking how fast can you run to apply your solution. The bigger the machine the faster the job goes. We now use a 5.5 gpm and I’m glad I learned how to wash houses using the 4 gpm. I know a lot of people advocate the 8 gpm as the way to go. If your washing apt complexes or developments where you are doing 10 houses a day go for it. Our busiest days we do 4-5 house washes. So the 5.5 gpm works well for us.

Water supply also becomes an issue with the bigger machine.

Here’s a house we did today using our 5.5 gpm it took us 30 mins to do.

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Really 30 minutes?? WOW that would take me like 1:15

Dang, 30 minutes is CRAZY.

Dang, 30 minutes, how many guys?

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2 that was time running the machine total time setup to wrap up 45-50 mins.

Still, that’s quick.

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The best that comes to mind this year.
Forty nine minutes. Curb to curb.

The worst? A flippin’ town house. In the rain. Two and one half hours. And we had a call back. Can’t win 'em all I suppose.

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With no gutters on that house it would take between setting up,cleaning and closing up for us about an hour also. We rinse alot so we never get any call backs…well hardly ever.

Sub one hour on house washes is common for us. We run 8gpm. Also 5.5 on truck to do driveway while house is washed. Very quick.

I wash with a 5.5gpm and rinse with the 8gpm. That house would take us about 1/2 hour+ from park to drive away. Looking into getting another 8 to wash with

As i am still using a downstreamer, looking to get a trailer setup, your statement confuses me. So you apply chemical with the 5.5 and rinse with 8gpm. Im guessing you have 2 guys? or whats the point or have two seperate machines? why wouldnt you just use the 8gpm to do both? Im not saying its not right , i dont know just would like information! Also anyone else doing this? is this the way to go? Thanks

We apply soap at 8 gpm. Rinse at 10 gpm. Two men.

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So the sole purpose of 2 machines is for 2 people…got it