Nola 2012 Pictures. Post some pictures and name names:)

Here’s a few pictures from the 2012 Nola event. I dont know all the names of the people so I’ll post the ones I know. How about some other pics from you guys that were there and name some names in them. Probably find out some of us were there that post here and didn’t know each other in person.

This picture from left to right is me, Nice guy next to me but I can’t remember his name(Anyone name him?), Pat and Michael Tessaro, Josh and April Dodson, Daryl Mirza and Michael Hinderliter.

[COLOR=#0000ff]That’s Trey Posey.[/COLOR]

Picture # 2 is Thad and Kevin Dubrosky

Pic #3 is I think Thad’s wife taking pictures, Chris L.,Kevin D., and the other two guys standing I don’t know there names. Anyone want to say who they are?

[COLOR=#0000cd]Larry Kreusel and Llarry Laczko.[/COLOR]

Pic#4 Charlie Caldwell

Pic#5 Joe Burke, Mike and Pat T., and yours truly

Picture #6-3 past Board of directors in title order serving at different times, the same times, Different orgs…Oh who the heck knows:D
Past President Mike Tessaro, Past Vice President Thad Eckoff and Myself a Past Treasurer for a different org. So where all from the past–Doh!!

Anyone else want to add some pics,names or comments-- fire away:cool:

I know those guys!!