Niching out your mailers

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]We started niching out our mailers like this, this year. Same exact mailer just a different town name on each one… Based upon what town we are mailing to. We also put a different trackable phone # on each one.

why a different phone number for each town when you can track the towns by talking to the customers?

That’s it. See what area produced more and then concentrate on that area

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Alex Curry

My point is this - you can track the areas when talking to the customers, no need to go through the hassle of get multiple phone numbers

Its just simpler for us that way, takes out the human error.

Inputted into the computer wrong, Customer is in a rush and doesnt remember what card they called off etc…

The phone #s give me a simple daily report of what areas are working…

I do this for a different reason, other than what’s been mentioned…

Where do you get the phone numbers, and how much are they?

You can get them free from Google Voice.


what would that be Trey?

Niching them down not just for tracking but to provide a sense of exclusivity to the homeowners…I mainly narrow them down to subdivisions/neighborhoods.

Oh cool… Yea that’s part of the reason I do it as well… Just only to the zip code level.

I used to do it to the sub division level… I would take a picture of the main sign out front and put it right on the mailer…

How do you keep track of the different neighborhoods?

Bingo…I’ve done it a couple times in neighborhoods and it works out very well for the most part… Booked 16% of the neighborhood

WOW thats great results please let me see a picture of that flier PLease Please

dave Mac

Don’t know if I have it still, it was on my old laptop that crashed

what did it say roughly