Next Charity event I'm helping with in Manhattan

My Brother in-law is helping some real pro’s with another Charity event where this one is for Breast Cancer Foundation on Nov. 9th. So Far I’m one up on him in the last few months where I helped with Children with Autism Charity and of course My brother In law’s Lou Gehrig Fundraiser. But he’s really the one that makes these things work. I’m asking some people I know to see if they want to go. These range from Celebs for different type reasons all the way to some politicians. Linda Ruth Tosetti and her Husband Andy were already given free Guest passes and are attending.

I’m reviewing the file my brother in-law sent me and when I can make this public I will which should be soon. There’s a bunch of people signed on already but there are some very well known Celebs that are saying they may go and in that list is Susan Sarandon, Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin amongst others… Either way This is fun stuff because we all have a good time and most importantly a large chunck of the money goes to the Charity of choice such as this Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out the club. Its like that song in the Jeffersons show back in the 70’s “Moving on up”(Sadly Sherman Hemsley the star of that show just passed away).

If I can get some Industry shots for some org’s I’ll give it my best shot. The PWNA matched my donation to the Lou Gehrig Fundraiser back in April. Lets see what Industry group I can get next;) while seeing if the PWNA wants to do it again.

Good stuff, John!

I have a pretty good idea.

Just found out the Venue has changed because there’s a larger response of people now coming and this place as nice as it is cannot hold the amount of people coming. I’ll post the new place and all the charity info as soon as it’s complete which should be in about a week. This Charity is going to bring in a ton for Breast Cancer research.