Newby question

I have been lurking in the shadows here. This is a great forum with a lot of good information. I have a question… I got a call to clean up someones mess. Apparenly someone washed a brown vinyl siding house and it left a heavy residue on it. It looks like dried bleach (white) . What do yall recomend for the best way to get it back to new? Some places you can see wand marks where some of it was rinsed but still has the residue there too. I normally do restraunt hoods and concrete, but I also do some residential washing too. Thanks for your help…

Try a test spot. Sometimes they will come off with a Softwash. Others may need to be washed and brushed.

Sounds like it was SoftWashed™!

Or maybe it is heavily oxidized siding that was partially cleaned.
Some pics would help.

Oh, and welcome to PWR!