Newbies, read here first!

We are starting a new sticky thread here and in the pressure washing forum for newbies. This will be the thread for the vets to give newbies a “quick start” and a place for the newbies to search here first.

Vets, please post something of what you wish you would have known as a newbie that you know now. Let’s help newbies here and give them some advice.

I am glad I listened to Bob and got the best 12v at the time to do the job right. Get what’s working for others and not the newest thing out there as a newbie.

Fatboy Bandit definitely the best equipment investment I have made. Bought it before doing my first roof. Made enough to pay for it pretty quick. To this day the only thing I’ve had to replace is the wand.

When buying equipment there is a big difference between price and cost. Price is what you pay when you buy something. Cost is how much you have to spend to maintain it in running order. Don’t buy based on cheap price. Learn to buy quality equipment from reputable suppliers and you will be way ahead in no time.

I’m starting out a new business with the help of a painter friend. I currently have a 4000 psi, 4 gpm washer, a surface cleaner, extension poles, access to ladders and paint tools(for him),some chemicals, a few hand tools, a trailer to haul things around( not water, yet)Oh! and 2 customers.
My capital is low, but so is my debt. My immediate income needs are also low so I can reinvest aggressively. My goal is to get from here to fleet accounts and fast food restaurants in the next 6 months. I am working on getting access to the equipment of a friend who used to be in the business as well. My question is: When you are putting together an equipment load out list, what kinds of things do you get to a job and think, Man, I wish I had a…?i.e. squeegees, brushes, etc.

Keep spare parts. For instance, today I needed 7 new o-rings, a replacement bar for my whisper wash classic and a new unloader. Keeping spares reduces downtime.

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Buy good hose reels. They will save you lots of time frustration and labor!


Thanks, that is the kind of thing I was asking for. I can see running into a need for O-rings regularly. Do things like unloaders go out very often?


Thanks, I was actually thinking that would be the first most practical thing on my shopping list. I also thought a floor squeegee would help me move standing water that couldn’t stay there. I was thinking also of brushes for vehicle washing. Do you carry a dolly for moving heavy items on patios or decks?

No, I currently work alone and moving heavy items isn’t an option. I usually inform the customer to move everything they reasonably can ahead of my arrival. I have adopted the mindset that I’m not in the moving business, I’m in the cleaning business so if it’s super heavy, hard for one person to confidently grab, thorny as hell, etc… I’ll just clean around it.
To be honest, it’s a rarity that people object to this as long as they know what to expect from you before you arrive.

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Oh yeah, brushes are good. I don’t carry a squeegee unless I’m cleaning a residential garage floor, then I bring it.

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Extra high pressure hose(s)

I disagree somewhat I always carry everything. You never know when someone will see you and want something done that day. And always have extra parts.

If you have enough time between jobs to add walk-up customers to your schedule, you really need to rethink your marketing plan, your scheduling or both

A big stack of business cards. A window squeegee, a floor squeegee, stainless steel qc’s(all varieties). spare injectors, a spare of all fittings on your machine, tool box, extra guns,engine oil- for when your engine shuts down due to low oil, a set of welding tip cleaners for clogged tips, and…

Well like he said he’s just starting so he’s not going to have full schedule out the gate. Maybe you missed that part.

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