Newbies read here first!

We are starting a new sticky thread here and in the roof cleaning forum for newbies. This will be the thread for the vets to give newbies a “quick start” and a place for the newbies to search here first.

Vets, please post something of what you wish you would have known as a newbie that you know now. Let’s help newbies here and give them some advice.

I’ll start out. I wish I would have known how much an 8gpm machine makes that much of a difference over a 4gpm or even a 5.5gpm. For the money difference between a 8gpm or a 5.5gpm…it’s not that much difference. Get the biggest GPM possible (up to 8gpm) you can get or save up for…

I wish I would have not been afraid to charge a decent price for my services… I languished in low baller prices for about a year before " I understood"

I wish I had known how a swivel/ ball valve combination would change my life!

I wish I hadn’t wasted my time trying to clean a house w my roof pump…I love my DS injector even more now.

I wish I would have had a better website a few yrs ago and done by a pro like I have now. I am thankful of my friends who made my last to sites but it’s best to have someone who does this for a living do your site… A good website is gold in the bank.

I wish I started direct mail (EDDM) earlier to grow my business, I sat around waiting for the phone to ring when no one even really knew where to find me, yet.