Newbie set up

Newbie trying to start business and confused.Was going to build a tow tank system with overflow pump with separate ball valves etc.Can I use that system to also rinse or is that not efficient because of pump running time.If I use separate power washer to use to rinse how do I hook up 200lf of hose.What would be a good set up starting up doing house mostly vinyl but also will be doing driveways,concrete etc
.Thank you in advance

If you are just starting you want to begin with a minimum 4gpm PWer. You can both softwash and rinse with it. You can add an x-jet if you plan to do stucco, brick, and other surfaces that require higher concentration 9f sh. Most importantly you want to make a habit of searching the archives here because that’s where you’ll get the education that will transform you from a hack to a professional with a business. Good luck! :+1: