Newbie pricing

Hey guys. First post here. I’ve just started out on my own full time within the past few weeks and I’ve got a metal roof coming up. It’s a double wide trailer and I told the lady over the phone $200. I feel like that’s a fair price in my market but I also have this deep dark feeling after reading numerous post that I’m under pricing. What do you guys think? I’ve built a very simple 12v soft wash system with a 4gpm pump and that’s what I plan to use.

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Depends on what you need to make per hour to hit your numbers. Every job should be treated like that. If you don’t know what your hourly rate should be you need to sit down and figure out your expenses such as marketing, insurances, equipment upgrades, etc, etc, etc.

Never worry about what others charge. Charge what you need to and don’t worry about what others charge


You’ve committed to the price. Keep it. Go higher and higher until you feel you’re to high. Back off 20% and keep a full schedule. Adjust as needed until you figure it out. It will vary from region, reputation and skill level.


At first pricing is a guess. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them. In time it’ll click. Good luck!

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My main problem with breaking down what I need per hour is I don’t get enough work. I might make 150 bucks this week and then 1000 the next. I live in a small town of about 20000 people. For Most folks around here pressure washing isn’t a very big concern. Honestly I don’t think 9/10 of the home owners realize that I can remove black streaks from there roof. I guess I need to advertise more. I can be found on google and I use google ads. I promote post on Facebook and I’ve set yard signs throughout my town. Is there anything I’m missing ?

Nextdoor app. Do a job, if they are happy with it ask if they will post a good recommendation. Word gets around.

How is your competition, if any? 20k population is tiny.

I am in a small populated area too. Best return for me was door knocking. Do good work and word of mouth will get around. Found zero return on Facebook ads. Find the newspaper that runs in your area and put an ad in there.
I did some brochures to hand out while knocking, and door hangers if no one was home.
One small town I traveled to I did their small church for free, got 5 immediate jobs that Sunday.


Technically the population here is 26,000. There are 3 other towns within 20-30 minutes with more than that so I think I’ve got a fairly decent amount of people to work with. As far as competition goes there’s maybe 2-3 people that advertise pressure washing and even then they don’t really advertise very much. I advertise mainly through Facebook, yard signs, google, and handing out business cards like candy. Pricing is hard around here though because it seem a lot of people view pressure washing as a luxury they can’t afford so I have to price low enough to get the job but enough to make money. I’m getting better with it but it’s definitely an art!

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$200 for a double wide is a good price. Just take in porches,decks, garage, etc.
Most trailers are easy money. Ive did one for $180 took me one hour and i usaully shoot for $150 a hour

Well then maybe I’m not too far off. I’ve got a double wide with a metal roof coming up Tuesday. I’m only washing the roof and I told them $200. I downloaded the Nextdoor app and posted my services on there. I’ve definitely got to get some professional looking flyers!

Roofs, flatwork and house washing are all completely different prices lol. Id be alot more on a metal roof.

I charge $150 for single and double wides. Takes me 30-45 mins. Most around me have the crappy vinyl “underpinning” so it washes just like the siding.

Biggest thing, in my opinion, is be both affordable and profitable.


You mean the skirting? I guess they probably have different terms for it regionally.

Yeah, it usually cleans up pretty nicely. I’ve done a few trailers in my park. I’m at $175 for a single wide, $200 for a double, +$25-$50 for added structures like carports, sheds, garages, etc.

If I did roofs, I think I’d probably stick to my “minimum advertised price” of $250 for a trailer. More risk and liability involved with roof cleaning, and I would want to be hitting $300+/hr consistently if I were doing roofs.

Yes skirting I couldn’t think of the name last night.