New Why Clean Your Roof Card Availabe for PWRA Members!

Hello all!

We wanted to update you on what’s happening within the PWRA. We have just introduced another new piece of marketing material that is now available exclusively for all PWRA members. We are pleased to introduce the new Why Clean Your Roof card to you! If you need some extra boost in your business this is the perfect solution to start driving sales! Let your customers know that there is a whole variety of harmful substances that could be living on their roof–like mold, algae, moss and fungus for example. This file comes in Photoshop format and is completely editable so you can highlight your company information. It is also part of our larger formatted cards and comes in a 8.5 x 11 size. Check it out at the link below! If you want FREE access to this marketing material and everything else the PWRA has to offer join at the link below! Don’t wait any longer!

Why Clean Your Roof Card

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