New website - your comments welcome

Hi all… I had my site completely redone a couple months ago. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments that could possibly help me.

Thanks in advance!

I need to have 5 or more posts to post links…

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nice! may I ask who did it?

Certainly… A local guy here in MD. Howey Web Design | Website Design | Mobile | SEO

I actually already contacted them (checked the source code on your page). Seems like they have a nice tight approach to design. Mike gave some pretty good reasons to get away from WordPress.

Have you had a chance to use their CMS to make any changes/additions yet? I’m a bit of a control freak with this stuff, but I know our site will be better off in the hands of a pro. I just like to know that I’ll still have the ability to do some real hands-on work with it, if I want.

Yes… no problem… easy to use.