New udor softwash boomless spray gun

Came across this video today. Will be getting one of these this month. The Udor HBA 1870 Boomless Sprayer - YouTube

Seems ok to me,the design and everything,except the price!
$130-$180 for a softwashing gun,nope.

Takes money to make money, probably pay for itself first plants you don’t kill in a situation like the video.

I may be missing something…but how exactly does this keep you from killing plants? A fan is a fan, a little more chem at the top of the fan still means it’s a fan…want the fan angle down, use wrist hinge. Maybe I’m nuts, but i’m not seeing any marketable value at all in this thing personally…


Just better control of where the chemical goes.

That’s a gimmick Sean. You’ll use it twice.


Suppose more organics on lower part of fence, which is normally the case with wood. You spray the lower part with the good stuff, the rest going to be hitting you knee high, if you’re lucky, lol. I can’t see anytime I might use that. Sean, do you routinely kill plants?

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No I don’t. I just like quality equipment. Looks like it has nice precision for confined spaces. could post about the red gp washdown gun and I bet people would say it’s useless lol.

It is useless. Both guns are equally useless and shows you got conned into a soft wash 12v or gas system. If you’ve been tricked into that, you’re an easy mark for an overpriced nozzle or some aluminum dodad

My red gun on the ar45 runs circles around the 8gpm when it comes to softwashing. I do a lot of stucco, roofs, colored concrete etc. I guess if only cleaning vinyl ds is great.

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Ain’t matter if it pay for itself,running a business also means keeping cost low,that’s a luxury kinda of gun and it’s expensive.I can buy 3-4 regular ones and keep extra ones just in case one fails.All is about saving money and keeping overhead low,

Yep,I don’t think is worth.Specially for the price they ask for.A regular gun with a regular fan tip does the same job,control comes more from the technician than just the gun or tips.There are cheaper guns that does the same job.The market if for newbies or new guys that don’t understand what running a business is and are drawn from the fancy stuffs

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Vendors and orgs have been the downfall of many a business


Typically agree, but if it actually does improve efficiency to pay for itself in increased production (things that really do so tend to do it many times over, thus a financial win). When my guys bring me an idea, I tell them what it would need to do in terms of added efficiency, often they say, “nope, we won’t be that much better” and the idea goes in the circular file.

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Saw the same video. If someone is really interested in that spray pattern on a budget
Have local ag company carries spray tips.