New turbo from Southside -Thanks Russ!

Loving it, last one bit the dust.


I’ve always wondered what those turbos with the neck on them were all about. I just use cheapo ones from Lowe’s and they seem to do okay.

Pretty sure that’s an inline high pressure filter. Protects the sensitive innards of the turbo. I’ve got one on my turbo.

Ooh fancy. Are those rebuildable? They look like it but I don’t know with the filter thingy.

I think the filters are like $10. So much cheaper to replace than the turbo itself.

Edit: $8.56 from PT

Yeah no kidding. I’ve always found that the orifice of the ceramic piece gets worn out to an oblong hole and after then it will only shoot a jet of death

The PA turbo I have is rebuildable. But the repair kit is $29, vs a brand new nozzle for $47… I think I’ll just order a new one when the need arises.

Wow that’s not bad at all. The ones we bought in the oilfield were like $70+ a piece. I thought I was getting the cheapo ones at Lowe’s for $40 but now it seems like I’m not.

Yah man, get the Sutter with a filter from pressuretek, I run the snot outta mine. It’s what all the cool cats, like myself are using :sunglasses:.

Lowes? Really?
Thought you were cooler than that @DisplacedTexan.

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Hey! That sucker works and I really only use it for curbs so it’s just fine!

I was really pulling for your hogs today. Too bad they couldn’t finish it out.

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You right, prob shouldn’t like anything from THAT guy…hajajajaha

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What ever makes you feel better buddy. Your Lowes secret is safe with me .

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At least @DisplacedTexan can head right on over to Wal-Mart afterwards and pick him up some Arm and Hammer for his mix. :sweat_smile: Only kidding only kidding.

Hey William… @Harold recommended this red turbo to me and it works great. Very well built and you can rebuild it just as Alex stated. Save’s you $20. I might give the blue one a try because I believe the only difference is the red is rated for more psi but 3650 is more than what I’ll ever need.


Those are what I use

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Do you know if there’s any difference between the blue and red except psi rating?

Glad it’s working out for you too. They last me a hell of a lot longer then the junk I bought from the local shop. I do have a rebuild kit in the box but haven’t used it yet. :crossed_fingers:

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Pretty sure the red ones are a fair bit heavier than blue.

Hey now! I know it’s not ideal but in a pinch it works great! And it smells soooooo nice. Way better at covering up the stinky smell than elemenator. Smells like you just got done doing a fresh load of laundry.

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So you use elemenator to wash you clothes, in a pinch? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thicker to handle the additional psi it’s rated for maybe?

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