New truck set up design - critiques wanted for a part timer

Hello everyone! First post as I just found this site. I am working on setting up a truck bed rig for me to use as a small part time gig that I want to eventually become my full time career. I just got my PP 4gpm/4000 belt drive with the GP pump.

I am working on set ups and been studying plumbing diagrams and YouTube tutorials on plumbing. I have a very crude sketch below but wanted to see if there are any tight critiques for “no, no, no’s” or if I’m actually getting myself off to the right start.

Again, I work construction full time and wanting to wash in the evenings and weekends until I can possibly transition to full time washing. Probably not going to sleep tonight and just peruse this entire forum! Thanks all.



That’s the basic concept !

Your diagram has made my day :joy:. I like this guy!


Is it because you two agree on which direction the y strainer needs to face? Lol


Forgive me for not studying the diagram in great detail lol


She’s coming together. Ran some tests this morning and was able to push basically 10 gallons a minute through just the ball valve. (Filled buffer time 25 gallons, opened valve, started timer, tank level fell to 20 gallons, timer read 28 seconds, 5 gallons in ~30 seconds = ~10 gallons in 1 minute)

Was building the line set up in Home Depot aisle while everyone walked around me and my dog as we intensely stared at the pieces on the floor, building it in my head. Waylon just loved everyone petting him as they stepped over him.