New trailer build

We are upgrading to a bigger trailer. 16’ tandem. my question is this; Treated lumber or Diamond Plate for the deck? What do you guys think?

I currently have a 16’ tandem as well with PT 10x16’s…SH gives the wood hell but it is cheaper to replace than diamond plate.

I would stay with Treated Lumber but seal it with some kind of rhino lining or sealant. Also your Pic is HUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH takes up a lot of space

Wood floor with Rhino liner.

Ditto in the Rhino lining.

Can’t figure out how to make the pic smaller

Send it to me. I’ll shrink it and send it back.

+1 on the wood. You can seal it to help it last longer. It will be a lot cheaper to replace when it does get ruined.

I agree with the wood floor. Bleach is a corrosive and will cause metal to rust out. But, if you were to go with a metal checker plate, I would have it coated with Rino Lining

Went with wood. Thanks guys

Keep us posted, Rance Tilley.

You made the rite choice my flatbed had a 1/4 thick steel deck after 2 years you could put you foot through it it was so rusted. Took me 3 days of cutting and grinding to get the deck off.