New Trailer build - confused about these hoses

Hey PWR community, just started building our trailer and I ran into some confusion with the hoses. We bought a Simpson pressure washer that came with some quick connect high pressure hose that connects to the power washer and to the gun. Both sides are quick connect. I bought 200 additional feet of high pressure hose that is threaded. I uploaded some pictures below to explain better. Here is the quick connect from the pressure washer Here is the connection to the high pressure hose reel Here is the connector for the 200 feet of high pressure hose I purchased And here is the short hose that came with the pressure washer, the other end is a quick connect that going into the pressure washer and this end in the photo connect to the gun.

Do I just need to buy this kit

and that will take care of any connection problems I have?

Call Bob at pressuretek and he will sell you the ends that thread onto the new hose and turn it into a quick connect

It’s just a standard 3/8 pressure QC. You can buy it at HD if need be. Stainless steel is preferable to brass.

Ok so I can get a a fitting to connect to the pressure washer, then screw in my 200 foot of blue pressure hose?

Yep. If you are going to use plumbing on the reel you probably just want to use a female to female coupler. I believe it is 3/8 npt thread. Or you can use a male and female QC if you want to have the ability to bypass the reel quickly.

No. You screw the s.s. quick connect to the hose, not the pressure washer.

Right that’s what I meant. Just relieved that it is a quick (connect) fix.

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