New trailer and savings calculations

So here is my first trailer build. Took a lot of work, reading forums, and sweat to put together. Curious on the thoughts of you seasoned pros. Anything I can do better or arrange differently?

Also, I am trying to calculate how to save for replacement parts. What goes the fastest? How often should I expect to have to replace things on this unit??

Fill the things you’re planning on always towing full ,and take it to a truck station (like a big gas station) with a scale. Measure the total weight of the trailer (disconnected from your vehicle) and then weigh just the tongue. Your ideal range is for the tongue weight to be 10-15%. You’re going to travel with that IBC completely empty every single time, yes?

Also while we’re talking about the IBC, that one little orange ratchet strap isn’t going to do jack if you hit something. You’re going to catch that IBC right in the rear window.

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I agree with what Jake said. You need to figure out a better way to secure the tank. You’re going to want to leave a little bit of water in it so you don’t have to re-prime your pump everyday. You’re only talking like 6" of water but it might be better suited over the axle. On a smaller trailer like that I’d ditch the IBC tote altogether and get another horizontal leg tank. The other leg tank is designed to be turned the other way to prevent water from sloshing around and tugging the trailer back and forth. I would also get the correct bands to hold it down instead of ratchet straps.

I would also ditch the pvc for plumbing the tank. It’ll eventually crack and leak at the joints from all the bouncy around and vibration on a trailer. Order some Poly Spiral hose from one of the pressure washing stores. You’ll need some poly fittings too and some stainless hose clamps.