New toy came in


People use to run much smaller hoses. Big intake hoses relatively new. Got some friends that ran 3/4" intake hoses on 8,5gpm machines for years. With decent suction that’s plenty. See chart below. The green row is basically just gravity flow. I tend to be conservative and use the Yellow but realistically probably somewhere between yellow and red. Hose flows just a tad less better than the rigid pipe.


Huh. Well that’s good. If you can, could you comment in the difference between that unit and a cheaper hot water unit? I’m using a hydrotek 8@3500 hot skid and in a year of use I’ve only had to do oil changes and belt tightening and that’s it. Just curious as to what more you can get for the extra money. My hydrotek ran me $9k but I figured the landa would be quite a bit more.


Difference between a chevy and a mercedes - they’ll both get you there - well my pressure pro is probably the chevy - your hydrotek probably a subaru - slightly upscale but not a mercedes. All I know is my pressure pro has never not performed to do what was needed and I could take it and use as a boat anchor and buy a new one and still have less than both of you in it. But Landa known for having great heaters and I think that was a concern. Plus nothing wrong with driving a bmw or mercedes.


Mostly just the burner, Coil, and pump. The motor is the same Honda 690. The pump is a Landa 9.5 gpm with a 7 year warranty. I’ve never used a Landa pump but it’s supposedly pretty good.


I just wanted a high volume machine that could hit 200 degrees and stay there and I knew this machine would do it. I almost went with a Hydrotek but it’s only a few grand difference. Either way I was spending a lot of money so I got what I wanted. A huge plus for me was buying from a local business (MVP) and knowing that they could work on this machine anytime. Their probably the only shop within 1.5 hours of me that I trust. He even swapped the motor to a slightly larger one for free. When the machine came in I was anxious to get it on the trailer so I asked him if it was really worth it to swap the motor. He could have easily saved himself some time and money and told me it would probably be fine but he didn’t. He went ahead and swapped the motor that same day. Knowing that I’m supporting his business and having one of the best mechanics around that knows this machine was the main reason I decided to spend the extra money on top of just getting the machine I really wanted to start with.


That’s an amazing piece of machinery, it will run for a long time! Congrats


Thanks. I look forward to putting it to work and seeing how it compares to my other machines.


This machine is unbelievably heavy. I broke a 1500lb ratchet strap trying to move it back an inch on one side to even it out before I bolted it down. Me and another guy didn’t get anywhere trying to push it.


Do you feel that is a benefit or a drawback? I love heavy duty stuff but I recently got rid of a wood planer in my workshop because it was nearly impossible to move by myself.


To me that was a drawback. I’ve had two of Landas PGHW series and they were good but unless I was pulling an SLT on a gooseneck I did not want that much weight on the tongue. The PGHW machines didn’t get any hotter than my hydrotek and didn’t heat up as fast. The SLT is an awesome unit but in my opinion it’s to much weight to be on the front of a bumper pull trailer unless you have a dually and even then you’re pushing the tongue weight limits


It’s not something that I plan on moving. If I needed to take it off the trailer I would use a forklift. I also have machine skates that I could set it on and roll it around with one hand. I’m sure a gas struck would struggle with this much tongue weight on its suspension. Nothing about this machine is a drawback for me. It suits my needs and hopefully last a long time and makes some money.


It’s one of the few machines made that will heat that gpm to 200 degrees and keep it there all day long. I’ve seen plenty of SLTs on the front of trailers. Just balance the weight some with the position of your tanks. One thing to keep an eye on is the insulation on the top and bottom of the coil. Over time, the insulation under the coil will compress from the weight of the coil, the coil will settle and cause the insulation on top to pull away some. This will cause hot spots on the top and if you let it go you can damage the coil wrap and skin.


Thanks for the advice. I will keep an eye on that.