New toy came in

Time to get everything plumbed and add my other machine, hose reels, and ladder rack.


That’s a nice machine. If you have room you might want to move it back some. That’s a lot of tongue weight


Man thats one Sweet machine!!!

Every bit of this trailer is going to be used up. I’ll have another machine on the back and a 325 gallon tank above the axles.

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Be sure to post pictures when you finish your build. You’ve got a money maker

Post pictures of the entire build :+1:



I got a new toy the other day, too.

I have had the Ground Force for a while…decide to get the Classic…love it for residential.

Well, the video won’t work here…but the picture will.



Love the Classic. Really easy to carry around it’s really smooth.

I’m having a time trying to plumb this thing and make it easy to disconnect so I can winterize it. There’s no sliding this non collapsible hose off the barb. You have to cut it off. I’ve seen barbs with a swivel threaded female end that you can just screw on a male thread but I can’t find it in 1 inch anywhere. I’ve got a couple of 3/4 but they are way small inside diameter.

Cam lock fittings. Gotta heat that non-collapsible with a small torch to get it off/on.,store:15439408208507189174&prds=oid:7628458421173320375&q=cam+lock+hose+fitting&hl=en-us&ei=83lEXJz9C860ggfzyaPwCQ&lsft=gclid:CjwKCAiA1ZDiBRAXEiwAIWyNC8phUp_B-UJ4G9HF4tIBWfYaZBuwOWZIOfomu_ujImCAEqVkKd5dqBoCo6QQAvD_BwE

How do you like those. I was thinking about using that and then putting another male end and bulkhead on the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket so I could just unhook the line and attach it to the bucket full of antifreeze.

No need for a bulkhead on your 5 gallon bucket. Just draw your antifreeze from the top. You’d have a heck of a time trying to get a good seal on the bulkhead, anyhow.

A heat gun works great also

I love them! I just stick a funnel in the female end coming off my machine, fill the hose, turn the engine over till it sucks it down, and repeat until I’ve got antifreeze coming out the bypass and the high pressure qc. I usually blow it out with air first, along with all my lines, guns and sc. A thousand times better than trying to pull hoses off of barbs.

Makes winterizing and priming the pump easy !!

No need to draw from the bottom, like @Infinity mentioned, it will have no problem pulling from the top of a bucket. Those SLT and SLXs will collapse a weak hose they suck so well.

The crazy thing is, from the factory it had a 3/4 inch hose running to the side of the machine to a swivel fitting that you could screw a hose into. It’s that black hose that only has threads in it which could collapse and the fitting it was attached to had freaking half inch threads. This thing has a 9.5 gpm pump on it and it comes like that. I didn’t mind because I was going to plumb it the way I wanted but it’s crazy that it would come like that. I ended up just using 1” non collapsible hose that I can unhook easy from my ball valve and drop right in a bucket. I was going to go bigger than that but it’s only a few feet away from my tank. Other than that this thing is awesome. Every part of this thing is built like a tank.

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Not gonna lie I’d be a little upset if I paid the price those things go for and it came like that.

That hose was going to come off either way. Everything else about it more than makes up for it. That hose had some really nice fittings on it that Worked perfect for my bypass hose so it worked out.

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