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This is my business on the side (hopefully in future full time)
I’ve got about ten houses under my belt. House I did today had this black mold looking stuff on the vinyl siding in front of the house in corner of entrance. (NO sunlight at all in this corner through out the day). Tried SH 8% mix with h2o and detergent in spray bottle and tried it out on little corner. Waited scrubbed with soft brush and just little came off and still looked pretty bad. I told owner I could not guarantee I could get it off so he is good with it. Any suggestions ?? I told him I would consult some professionals
Also would post pic but can’t for some reason.
I’ll try get it up soon.

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Double up on the amount of bleach and maybe increase the dwell time and see if that helps. You said even a brush wasn’t cutting it?

That does not look like mildew to me. I’m stumped.

it’s weird that there isn’t any staining on the white vinyl ceiling or trim, or the window frame. were those areas dirty before you cleaned and they just cleaned up better than the brown vinyl, or did it look like that before you started?

Thanks for response guys. I took the picture after cleaning the house. The rest of house cleaned up fine except this part (which was located on front of house by the door). This pic does not show but on window next to the pic there is some more and it’s on the trim of window as well. I was thinking about trying some of that f 13 everyone raves about on this site. (Gonna try that elemonator stuff as well).

Here is close up pic edited with HD

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We sometimes run into vinyl that won’t clean up. Typically near a heavy traffic intersection. After washing and thoroughly rinsing, we’ve been known to follow up with a light misting of OneRestore.

OneRestore - it’s not for everybody, but I swear by it.

It can make you a lot of money if you let it, but spend some time doing test spots to learn how effective it really is.

Restoration, Stain Remover | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

The white trim around the window and ceiling in this pic did not have this mold or stain. Pretty clean before I started

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Looks like the paint just faded from lack of sunlight

^it’s vinyl. i dont think it was painted.

i would ask if they had their house sprayed for spiders or bees. that looks like residue that’s been sprayed on the vinyl. a lot of that bug repellent has an oily consistency, maybe it penetrated the vinyl.

Ahhh. You know, when I first looked at this stain I felt like it looked kinda oily. You maybe correct about it being from wasp spray or something. The way the pattern is it seems like it was sprayed up in the corner. Sweet I think you may have helped solve this mystery.

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if that’s what it is you might try a degreasing agent. i don’t know what to recommend, i’ll let the smart guys here do that.

let us know how it works out.

If the increased SH or F9 doesn’t get it try a 6-10% butyl just in case it is an oily residue from a bug product.