New to roof cleaning

I’m looking into adding roof washing to my services in the spring. I do some light power washing here and there.

Roof cleaning sounds like a new challenge. Only problem is I have no clue how to even do it… So I’ll be doing a lot of reading on here over the winter

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We don’t require signatures in the public forum but it is true that you will get better responses if people know who they’re talking to.

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Oops I stand corrected. Tough to give out info when not knowing if the guy is in your backyard…

I have no clue how to do the signature, I have the app on my phone… I tried to use my computer to do it and also couldn’t figure that out

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Are you Mike from Massachusetts?

Yes sir

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Call me I will help you.

Vince 856 524 9922

I was very nervous before I did my 1st roof. It’s easier than you think if your doing it the right way. Good luck.

John Devine.

I am new to roof cleaning myself. My advice would be to read. Read as much as you can. Also look into buying an affordable roof cleaning kit or possibly making your own. Good luck!

first i would look into trying to work with a pro not too far (but far enough) from you for a week or two. call around, you might be able to get someone to do a labor-for-learning deal.

when it’s time to buy equipment, don’t mess around. the bandit system from pressure tek seems to be the most well-regarded system out there. unless you are a seasoned vet, and then you might get into building your own custom rigs or using different styles of pumps. but you can’t go wrong with the bandit as a new roof cleaner.

i wish i would have just ponied up for it to start with.

Soft Washing System (doesn’t matter which one)
Water Tanks (2 preferably)
10%+ SH
Some sort of Surfectant (There are tons)
Harness system to protect from falls
Insurance (a lot can go wrong, protect yourself)

Simply put, apply the SH and surfectant (50% solution or less) (so half water, half SH and surfectant).

Let the substance dwell for a while.

Redo any spots that didn’t clean as well (You’ll be able to tell)

Rinse if necessary (Hot week, rain isn’t coming for a while, or it’s a tin roof)

??? profit

25% of the cost to replace the roof is the industry standard.