New to PWRN just today. Any thoughts on making a quality video without experience?

I’ve been pressure washing for 8 years now but still don’t have a video to showcase my business. We’re not talking Ben Hur or anything spectacular but I do want something that is sharp. I don’t want to be the guy in his garage with lousy camera angles and mumbling tangents. Any thoughts on producing a quality video?

Welcome ppllc

Welcome! Some basic guidelines on an informative video:

either pay a production company to do it (usually big $$$ unless you work out a trade) or try the following…

invest in a tripod and/or steadicam device
possibly invest in a good microphone, depending on the environment you’ll be filming
don’t be afraid to do plenty of takes
use a mental outline to keep your thoughts cohesive. It may help to start on paper at first. Just don’t write a “script”
rehearse what you’ll say
practice good speech habits: poise, audience (camera) eye-contact, modulation (don’t be monotone- be enthusiastic, but not over the top)
keep it brief
plenty of action shots
avoid keeping the camera on one subject, or at the same angle, for too long (10-15 seconds is the typical viewer’s threshold for “action shots”. If you’re simply giving a talk to the camera, this rule doesn’t really apply)
if you’re going to incorporate music, make sure it won’t interfere with your narration, or the tone of what you’re trying to say
find an objective critic. Share it with us before you post it to your site, and we’ll try and be as objective as possible :wink:

I paid $297 for this video, but normally costs $497 from

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Love the video. Thanks for sharing

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