New to PWR!

Hey everyone! I’m Johnny and I’m new to PWR. What’s up?


It has a nice ring to it.

The only thing bigger than your avatar is Thads head in Charlies avatar. You should fit right in.

Cool Name!

Haha! Yeah, I’ve been having a bit of trouble scaling down my logo. I guess it’s attention grabbing?

What do you need it scaled to? I have Photoshop if you want it resized


Glad to have you here Johnny… Catchy Name!!

Thanks, [MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION]! Love your site!

I’m not sure what I need it scaled to but I’ll probably just mess around with it until I figure it out. But thanks, man!

Thank you Johnny. I’m always looking for ways to improve it. As a new user if there is anything you think might help please let me know.