New to PWR - Intro

I’m just writing my intro here, My name is Randall Owner & Operator Of Arizona Pressure Washers. I’ve started pressure washing this year. I have been in the horse business for many of years and and my family is in the car business. I’ve been enjoying the pressure washing business and getting the best experience thus far. Advertising & Marketing has been the most interesting thing, We service the Scottsdale and Phoenix metro areas, We are now going to market the CA locations very soon! I have a great designer that is on my team and we are going to market as much areas as we can. We just design our first marketing piece “Barn or Horse Stables Cleaning Services” and post it on our facebook page. We look forward into learning allot of resources on this form and helping one another out :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.

Glad to have you here, Randy!

Welcome Randy

Welcome to the group

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Welcome Randy!