New to pressure washing

How do you go about estimating a residential job? I realize that there are tons of variables but if anyone could just give me a basic idea of how to price a house that would be great. Also I am sure there are already threads on this so I will search it out. Thanks! By the way I have heard a lot of controversy on low pressure washing and high pressure washing. Anyone have any opinions on which one or both I should do?

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Welcome to the forum. In order to price properly you need to know your costs and the profit you need to make. There are many good threads on this topic.

+1… Experience as well, knowing how long a ‘typical job’ in your area will take affects your costs and your profits. Lots of good advice here in other threads but also a good deal of trial and error (and learning from your mistakes) will all help :slight_smile:

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One of the great things about a forum like this is if you take time to read and research, your trial and error can be cut way down. Everyone else has already made the mistake and you can know what to avoid. That said, I still make plemty of mistakes. lol

I meant more in terms of finding your own price point rather than the physical work … but you are correct, these boards are great for removing some of the guess work :slight_smile:

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Very true. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I appreciate that answers!

And SoftWashing is the way you need to clean houses there in Myrtle Beach. I’d say most of them are vinyl siding, brick, and dryvit (fake stucco). You can SoftWash by using proper size nozzles with your pressure washer and a downstream injector. These tips greatly reduce the pressure while the downstream injector siphons the cleaning mixture into the water that you gently spray on the house. After just a few minutes of dwell time you rinse with plain water. Pretty simple, but fast and every effective results. There’s a ton of info here on the forum if you do a search for it. You can find all the nozzles and cleaners you need at, too.

Will definately check into this! Thanks for the info!:smiley: