New(to me) truck

After Clays accident I decided to give him my hemi and look around for me a work truck. I found this on Craigslist. I’m going to set up my residential equipment on it with hose reels mounted on the curbside and roof system mounted in one of the compartments. My trailer will be dedicated to commercial at that point. The truck has been worked but runs and drives perfect. The guy I got it from has been all over the south pulling trailers. I’m picking up my trailer Tuesday and meeting with my equipment rep. I was afraid the extra expenses caused by the wreck would cause a considerable delay in me getting started but he said we’d work all that out. It looks like everything is coming together


Best thing you could have done. Send me your number and I’ll text you lots of pics tomorrow

Awesome thanks. Does this mean I’m following in your footsteps :laughing:

I’ve done the new truck thing and we’re way past that. We pretty much drive 10 year old vehicles and rent when we make long vacation trips. A 10 year old vehicle is worth the same when you get rid of it as it was when you bought it, sometimes even more


I don’t know where I’m going but I got belt loops you can grab


Sounds great thanks for your help.

On behalf of all of us looking for a service body truck… we hate you.

Totally kidding. Congrats man. That’s awesome.

How’s your son doing?

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He’s much better. The youth at church had a special prayer time Wednesday night for him due to his speech and neck hurting and at the end of the service he walked up to the youth pastor and said isn’t God great. He closed them in prayer and everyone was amazed even grown men were sobbing. We were looking at speech therapy along with who knows what. Everyone was still talking about it this morning. Clay is the kind of kid that sees an elderly person pumping gas and you look around and they’re in their car and he’s pumping it for them.


Really glad to hear it!

That thing is rad. What engine is in it?

5.4 I’ve had 7.3’s and they’re great but I can replace a 5.4 with a new engine for not much more than a set of injectors for a diesel. however I got 21mpg with my last 7.3 compared to 13mpg with this truck

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Right on. The 5.4 is strong if you don’t get a bum one. I was recently looking at a 2005 flatbed with a V10. Guy wouldn’t come down enough tho. Stoked for you tho! Should be a great vehicle

In the past 10k miles he replaced the brakes, radiator and intake. 5.4 are bad about intakes cracking but once replaced they’re good. He was real ticky about it. He spent an hour telling me about it and that he hated getting rid of it but since he got a new job it just sits and he needed the money for his daughters tuition. I was able to get him down to $3200

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What? Nice work!

I had an 05 5.4 F150. Everyone told me about the spark plug issues, but I changed them and the coils out with not a single break. Got lucky i guess

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It was a blessing. In spite of everything this past week I feel very blessed. Is a 2002 a triton engine? I can’t remember.


Yes it is

Oh well, I’m sure it will be find. From what I’m told the best way to change them is to let it sit all night where you’re going to change them and do it with the engine cold

Earlier ones were bad about blowing plugs out too. The guys in the shop are not fond of 5.4s but I may be headed that way too.

It’s got 200k miles I’ve seen a lot of 5.4’s with close to 400k miles but if it makes it 6-12 months I want mind if I have to put a new engine and transmission in at that point for what I have in it. For what I need it’s worth it. Just changed fluids and put new tires on it today

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