New (to me) Landa Ran Out

…of diesel fuel yesterday and the hot box wouldn’t fire back up afterwards. Does anyone have any suggestion about getting it going again?

Bleed fuel pump

It will take several cycles, but no longer than a minute or so, but mine always fire back up without bleeding anything, I have Beckett and a Wayne burners. My guys always run them out, drives me batty.

Can’t that damage the fuel pump since the diesel is what cools it? I guess it would depend on if the fuel pump is belt driven and if you shut it down right away.

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You can see it run out immediately, it puffs huge plumes of white smoke when trying to ignite. Both 12volt.
Then you can also see my face get red from my blood pressure. lol. But knock on wood, no problems so far. @marinegrunt

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Let’s ask the burner guru @dperez . and get his advice. I don’t think you have to bleed the pump. Some do though.I do not.

Now my diesel tractors and trucks are a whole other story.

If you have a return line going back to your fuel tank you do no need to bleed, it’s a two pipe system and it will self prime. If no return line you will need to bleed the air in it via the air bleed valve on the pump.

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Turns out it was the computer that Landa installs in new units to protect them, but that is causing great frustration with the dealers who are given little training on them. There was a malfunctioning “eye” that gave the computer a 999 error.

I do NOT recommend the purchase of a new Landa hot box. I’ve encountered WAY too many problems so early in my ownership.

You can bypass that darn stupid eye, after my Hotsy acted up twice, I did it to mine. no more problems. they all got them now , not just Landa