New to industry, doing my first build. Greatly appreciate any advice

First of all, its great to see that there is a community like PWRA! I’m new here, but plan on getting involved in the community. I found it last night, and spent hours checking things out.

I am building small pressure washing setup to do fleet washing, but wouldn’t mind having the ability to do soft washing. I can buy a “barely used” honda gx390 motor for $400, so hopefully I can find a good belt driven pump to run with it and spend under $600 for the pump. I will start out with the setup in the back of my truck, a Chevy 2500, so no trailer. I need a bit of advice related to making sure the pump can be ran with the gx390 motor, how can I make sure the belt driven pump and motor are compatable? How to make sure that I buy the correct pulley sizes? Also, how can I know what unloader to get with the pump? Ive researched how to set the unloader, but cant find anything on how to make sure im getting the correct unloader for the pump. Is Udor the way to go?
Thanks for everything guys, I’m so grateful for any help!

I can’t speak about setting up the pump, but as someone who has a similar setup, and is trying to get into fleet washing, I will give you some advice. Definitely get a larger buffer tank. I’m running a 65 gallon, because I had always planned to just hook up, but a lot of fleet accounts want you to bring in your own water. Also, skip all the soap trial and error and go straight to Panel Bright from Russ Johnson over at Southside Equipment. I got the 5 gallon kit to mix yourself and it made about 15 gallons. (This will vary based on your unloader ratio)

One final thing, join Fleet Wash Academy on Facebook if you haven’t already. There is a ton o knowledge there and many guys are willing to help you along the way. Best of luck!

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Dalton, Thank you!!!

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