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Hello everyone,
I have a window washing company and right now we just do windows and gutter cleaning. I have been thinking of adding the service of pressure washing, but first wanted to ask everyone if they have found this to be a profitable part of there business. I also need to know what is the best kind of equipment to use since I want to get homes clean but don’t want to damage the paint or stucco on homes. Like I said I am new to this type of business so any helpful suggestions would be more than welcome.

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Yes, power washing is definitely profitable if done right.

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Yes, very profitable, probably more so than window cleaning if you clean a window as slow as I do, lol.

You need a power washer with at least 4GPM and some sort of chemical injector,, so you can apply soaps to the surface you are cleaning.

I’d recommend reading and researching as much as you can by using the search function on forums and start there.

Welcome to the business Todd

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So what is the right way to do it. What equipment do u need and what tips do you have for cleaning. Also any tips on pricing would be helpful.

You need a machine that will put out at least 4 gallons per minute set up for downstreaming. Invest in pro quality cleaners and research what cleaner to use on what surface. Read, read, read, and ask specific questions here. There is a lot of knowledge and experience in the contractors that post here. Some things might not get put in the public area, though.

This winter we are going to be doing a video series on basic pressure washing setups and techniques.