New suttner 2315 leaking after 2 days of use

I purchased the 2315 from pressuretek and have used it 1.5 days now it’s leaking from the 1/4” quick connect on the end. I replaced my previous giant gun due to it leaking as well. Am I having bad luck with guns or could there be an underlying problem?

99% of leaks are an o-ring problem or an over tightening and cracking problem or and under tightening problem.

I change out every o-ring before I ever use a new piece of gear with Vitons and rarely have issues.


It’s leakimg with or without a tip. Just a steady stream. Almost like some mechanism inside the gun is not working to stop flow completely when trigger is not down. If it wasn’t a brand new gun I would just say it’s old and worn out.

Send it back…get a new one.


Bingo. I have 4 I’m looking at right now. Never had a problem. You may have gotten a bad one. Happens sometimes.

I have a few of the 2605’s and I love them ! I say send it back.

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Roger that. Problem solved.

When you put the quick connect on the end, did you use a wrench on both sides, or just on the quick connect?

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Both sides. It’s a 12” insulated lance.

It’s some old stock that was sitting on a shelf somewhere from when the Georgia plant got bad steel. Send it back and get another.

Will do. Already filled out the rma. I have a 2615 that should be in tomorrow. Was trying to see which I would prefer, glad I did. Atm I’m getting soaked all day. More so then usual. Thanks