New skid no bbq


Dang. Your stuff is so clean. Can I fly you up and take you fishing in exchange for you changing the fung shwei of my box truck?

You might stroke out if you saw it though… :joy:

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That manifold block is offset specifically for those Hayward valves?

Yes you can

Its off by less than a inch because of the hose flex. Good eye

That makes ZERO manifolds that are offset specifically for the metering valves that are being used.

Even my budget blend manifold will have an offset :grin:. These “manufacturers” need to step it up!!!

i thought you ment left to right because of the bend restrictions if the particular hose base on max flow capacity. I dont understand how a offset in the manifold could possibly matter. Add thickness at the bottom would not support the thread or the min amount of onces the valve weight. The density of the nylon is more than enough to support the thread

@Firefighter4hire Sorry for the confusion, I’ll explain further. When you thread parts into a block manifold it all becomes one assembly. When you rigidly mount this assembly everything should lie on the same plane, this way everything lands on the base at the same point. If the bases of the metering valves protrude past the base of the manifold block once you mount the valves the block will not make contact with the baseplate to mount the block. Same goes for the way the Hayward valves are on that Midwest manifold block. The manifold protrudes past the mounting base of the valve. The valves will not touch the baseplate once the manifold is securely mounted to the baseplate. Both scenarios will tweak the EFF out of the whatever part wants to give when the assembly gets mounted. Same deal on the $1,200 assembly @DisplacedTexan has. It’s janky and the solution can easily be engineered into the product.

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The midwest manifolds are offset like in your picture

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Forget a boxtruck or cabover or flatbed. I’m ready to see you turn that schoolbus into a washer! Keep up the great work. :+1:

Then that makes them the only ones that I’ve seen doing it. Good info!

I let her park at my shop. I do have a freightliner project im starting soon

What’s that last picture of?

@Nobody This…

Or this…

The top photo.

Thats a rinse valve for the ar45

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Thanks. I’ll Google what that is.

We use that three way ball valve to send water or sh to the sh valve on the hydromixer.