New setup

Here is my new setup that I started using today. So far I love it. What do you think?

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The main thing that I am missing now is a hot water unit. I don’t have room on this setup so I will go bigger next time. This trailer is 5x10, knowing what I know now I wish that I would have gone 6x12. Live and learn.

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Hey Ryan-- Looks very practical to do what you want it to. Just roll the hoses out and go then roll them up & split. Bang bang. I like it.

As for the burner it looks like if you jockey somethings around on your trailer you can get a burner in there.

Yeah I have thought about losing the 4 gpm machine and putting a burner in it’s place. I need to look into the prices though.

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Looks good.

looks good

Heart Breaker…Money Maker!!!

Awesome rig!!

Looks good! Nice compact rig!

I don’t think you can ever have enough room! LOL It looks good!

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean

Nice compact setup. I’m thinking of doing my 2nd trailer smaller like this. I like how you do have double axles even though it is a small trailer.