New Roofing Material


So, it may NOT be new, but, it IS new to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this type of roofing material before. I’m probably the minority there. It looks and feels like a thick piece of rubber and appears to be injection molded or similar due to the residual manufacturing lines and tabs on the underside. Have you guys seen this? Can anyone give me some insight on if it’s safe to clean or how you might go about it? Or even just tell me the name and I’ll read on it. Googling “rubber roof” is not working so great LOL

P.S. I am not cleaning this roof but it got me wondering what the heck and how the heck I would even do it.


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You da man, Grizz. It looks like it’s called Rubber Roof Shingles (duh). Now, I’ll get to research on how to clean it in case I ever get a request for it.


Its says SH will not hurt it but that was from google. I feel like you need to rinse it so it doesnt spot. Maybe @florida_condo_cleani ,@Diamond_Soft_Wash or @roofer has experience with it.

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I’ve never seen one before.
Ask the owner for information on the manufacturer. Call them ask for tech support. Nobody else can give you better answers then them


If it is a synthetic material which it is. We always rinse after we treat. You only need a little stronger solution than a house wash mix. We usually go 2% then rinse.


I figured rinsing would be an absolute must or it would be likely to end up splotchy. I’ll talk to the homeowner and call the manufacturer like @florida_condo_cleaning suggested

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Looks similar to a Certainteed Symphony. It’s a composite construction but that’s really all I know about it. I’ve never installed or washed one. I think Certainteed discontinued it. I’d rinse it though, as rinsing surely won’t hurt it, but not rinsing might. It’s strange how they finished the rakes like a tile roof.

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Got one of these to do next week. Will let y’all know how it goes and take some pics.


Great! Thanks


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I reached out to the homeowner and he couldn’t remember the manufacturer but said he will look through his files and call me back. I’ll update here when I hear something. That looks identical to me though