New Roof Cleaning Postcard for the PWRA!

There is a new roof cleaning postcard available for Pre […]


First round of these for me goes out next Monday…

I saw this yesterday in my review of the day’s cleaning headlines. It’s an article/TV interview with a roof cleaner about the need for getting roofs cleaned, and it goes into this topic about insurance companies starting to require it. While some of the guys on RCIA pointed out that his site looked like there were some things he was doing wrong, the interview itself was correct. I think the embed code (that I used to post it here) must be publically accessible, and someone suggested posting the interview on your own website (unless he’s a competitor). Anyway, all this to say that it might be used somehow, and if used along with the new mailer, only reiterates the need for cleaning. (Although ideally you’d want to get on your own local TV station and do something similar!)

I couldn’t get the video to embed here, but you can get to it on our blog page: eClean Magazine Blog | eClean Magazine

Not to hijack this but I was wondering if Stephanie could design a simple “your neighbor has trusted us to safely clean their house/roof on _______ at ______ time. Feel free to come watch the most cost effective and safest restoration for your home!” No pics just literature and then donate it to the pwra.

P.S. somebody else mentioned this in another thread it was not my idea.

Edit: I would pay her for it then donate it, not her create it for free:)

Good idea! I have passed along your request to Steph.