New residential and commercial cleaning rig

I got this trailer and 7 gpm CW machine for a heck of a steal from Xterior in Garner, NC. Ken really cranked it out today to get this all together. We add my 7gpm hw machine,hanney reels and stacks. The Ladder Rack will hopefully be welded in place by the weekend. I took today off to get it all plumbed and switched over. It was a New/Used unit that the person had for 2 mths and then sold it…I have work rest of the weekend so Im ready to put this PWRA approved unit to work… Im super excited…

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Awesome Alex!

Nice rig Alex!

Looks like a money making machine! Nice.:cool:

Rig looks good should speed you up a lot !!!

Love it!

Sweet looking money maker.

nice set-up Alex. Is the a WFP or your gutter brush laying on the side?

Gutter brush

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Added the ladder rack tonight.

She’s a beaut, man!

Alex your trailer looks really clean…Is it 12 foot long, how many gals is the main tank? I wish I had a 12-14 foot long trailer instead of 16. 16 is to long for my garage. My next one will be totally customized, Bucket holders, tool boxes, surface cleaner holders, hazard cone holders, lance holders made of pvc, pole holders, signage, reels mounted on the passenger side only , cooler mount, blower mount, hydrant connection, and of course a vise !!! lol

Here’s what my 16 foot looks like…I stopped modifying it after I decided I wanted a smaller trailer. If anyone wants to buy this let me know. its 16 by 82inches wide. $1900.00 No equipment…lol

What’s that dripping out from under the trailer Alex?! :eek: Oh wait, it’s just the money its been cleaning up all day haha looks good!

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Thanks Guy. Im tickled Pink about it and you know how hard it is for me to change colors :).
Lou is a 12x6 with e-brakes. It has a 350 gallon tank,2 7gpm machines 1 hot and 1 cold,35 gal chem tank, I have a Roof Pump Kit heading my way, Stacked Hanney Pressure Reels, I’m going to stack my Water Reels,Ladder Rack with the rear area by the tank is going to be the sign. Im trying to figure out how to hang both surface cleaners so if you have any ideas that would be great. Im going to make a special rack/holder so I can attach my Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit so it doesn’t fall off. Im sure there is going to be more. After the PWRA meeting in Huntsville I realized that appearance is so important so I decided to step up my game a TON… Since I got it I have gotten so many compliments from customers and other PW’ers in the area.

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Added my trailer signs today

Nice simple and easy to ready.

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Looks good man. Nice setup.

Great looking trailer, sir.

Wow great looking rigs!

I just love being here in this site! I’ve learned so much with their thoughts about pressure washing….